Vaibhav Bajpai

Doctoral Students
The doctoral students are funded by Prof. Dr. Jörg Ott →
since 2018/01 Trinh Viet Doan →
Decentralised Internet
since 2017/06 Alemnew Sheferaw Asrese →
Measuring Web Latency and Rendering Performance
since 2017/04 Stefan Neumeier →
Teleoperated Driving by Using a Predictive Virtual Model Based Approach
since 2017/03 Ermias Walelgne →
Measuring Performance and Stability in Cellular Networks
Master Students
2018/11 Anna-Christina Prottung
A Longitudinal View of FCC Dataset on Broadband Performance
2018/08 Sergey Podanev
Measuring YouTube Content Delivery over Google QUIC.
2018/06 Abhishek Kapoor
Measuring Netflix Performance over IPv6
2017/09 Trinh Viet Doan →
Quantifying Latency and Path Lengths of Content Caches in Dual-stacked ISP Networks
2015/08 Steffie Jacob Eravuchira →
Measuring Webpage Similarity from Dual-Stacked Hosts
2013 Corneliu-Claudiu Prodescu →
IPFIX support for NFQL
Bachelor Students
2018/09 Justus Fries
Measuring the Extend of CDN Centralisation on the Web
2018/09 Markus Oberprieler
A Mobile App to measure a Decentralised Video Streaming Platform
2018/08 Bernhard Jaeger
Measuring Google QUIC connect times
2018/07 Stefan Su
Correlating YouTube QoE with Content Delivery Paths
2018/05 Martin Kunzmann
Analysing the Impact of CDNs on IPv6 performance
2018/02 Muhammed Sahin
Analysing the Impact of CDNs on IPv6 penetration
2017 Ozan Kaya
Comparison of IPv4 and IPv6 Geolocation Accuracy
2015 Otar Bichiashvili →
Large-scale TCP throughput performance measurement over IPv4 and IPv6
2015 Vlad Victor Ungureanu →
LMAP Protocol Implementation
2013 Durim Morina →
NFQL frontend parser implementation
2013 Mjellma Berisha →
NETCONF over TLS Implementation