Vaibhav Bajpai

Doctoral Students
2018 - Trinh Viet Doan
Distributed Internet
2017 - Ermias Walelgne →
Measuring Performance and Stability in Cellular Networks
2017 - Alemnew Sheferaw Asrese →
Measuring Web Latency and Rendering Performance
2017 - Stefan Neumeier →
Teleoperated Driving by Using a Predictive Virtual Model Based Approach
Master Students
2018 Sergey Podanev
Measuring YouTube Content Delivery over Google QUIC.
2018 Abhishek Kapoor
Measuring Netflix Performance over IPv6
2017 Trinh Viet Doan
Quantifying Latency and Path Lengths of Content Caches in Dual-stacked ISP Networks
2015 Steffie Jacob Eravuchira →
Measuring Webpage Similarity from Dual-Stacked Hosts
2013 Corneliu-Claudiu Prodescu →
IPFIX support for NFQL
Bachelor Students
2018 Martin Kunzmann
Analysing the Impact of CDNs on IPv6 performance
2018 Muhammed Sahin
Analysing the Impact of CDNs on IPv6 penetration
2017 Ozan Kaya
Comparison of IPv4 and IPv6 Geolocation Accuracy
2015 Otar Bichiashvili →
Large-scale TCP throughput performance measurement over IPv4 and IPv6
2015 Vlad Victor Ungureanu →
LMAP Protocol Implementation
2013 Durim Morina →
NFQL frontend parser implementation
2013 Mjellma Berisha →
NETCONF over TLS Implementation