Vaibhav Bajpai

Open Source
youtube →
A tool to measure youtube performance delivered over IPv4 and IPv6
simweb →
A tool to measure similarity of webpages delivered over IPv4 and IPv6
nfql →
An implementation of the network flow query language (NFQL)
happy →
A happy eyeballs [RFC 6555] probing tool
ncclient →
A Python library for NETCONF clients.
libnetconf →
A NETCONF library in C intended for building NETCONF clients and servers.
scamper →
A scalable and extensible packet prober for active measurement of the Internet.
mtr →
A network diagnostic tool.
homebrew-versions →
Versioned formulae for the Homebrew package manager.
slam6d →
A toolkit with algorithms and methods for processing 3D point clouds.
petascope →
A reference implementation of the OGC WCS standard suite.
Invited Seminars
Global Measurement Framework →
Dagstuhl Seminar (#13472), November 2013.
IEEE Membership →
Member: #91239383, Valid: 31-Dec-2019
[email protected]
IEEE Communications Society Membership →
Member: #91239383, Valid: 31-Dec-2019
[email protected]
Internet Society Membership →
Member: #74477, Valid: Lifetime
Registration: #351448
SIGCOMM Membership →
Member: #4018820, Valid: 30-Jun-2020
IFIP TC6 Working Group 6.6 Membership →
Management of Networks and Distributed Systems