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Large-Scale Measurement Platforms
Vaibhav Bajpai and Nikolay Melnikov
Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security (AIMS)
UPC Barcelona, June 2013
AIMS '13

This tutorial provide an introduction into large-scale measurement platforms. It begins by surveying active measurement studies that paved way for the deployment of such platforms. It then goes and describes the internals of the RIPE atlas and SamKnows platform, their architecture and surveys the work published from insights discovered from the collected data. The first part concludes by introducing the current Large Scale Measurement of Access Network Performance (LMAP) standardisation efforts in the IETF. The second part of the tutorial provides practical training on how to virtualise an OpenWrt-based Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and bootstrap it to register as a Measurement Agent (MA) with a LMAP controller. The MA is then used to install a measurement test, schedule the reporting of the measurement test results and use a REST API to send and retrieve the measurement results back from the LMAP collector. The tutorial also provides training on how to use the RIPE atlas REST API to create User Defined Measurements (UDMs) , and retrieve the UDM measurement results. It concludes with a description of the UDM result data structures and a summary of how programming tools can be used to analyse such data.